[Error Solved] Fix your Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040900

ERROR: Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040900

DESCRIPTION: If you’re obtaining outlook 0x80040900 error whereas causing an email then you must 1st check the server configuration data in MS-Outlook.

What is Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040900?

Microsoft Outlook is a secluded information administrator from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office series, often used essentially as an email application, which also comprises of a calendar, task manager, note taking etc.

And while working in outlook we may come across multiple problems like Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040900 which ordinarily happens with a particularized inaccurate mail server name at Outlook Account settings.

  • It cannot reach the mail server due to Internet connections problems. It can be produced by Corrupt download or incomplete installation either of them of Microsoft Outlook software.
  • Microsoft Outlook-related program files or another program maliciously.
  • Corruption in Windows written account from a recent Microsoft Outlook-related code amendment.
  • Mistakenly deleted Microsoft Outlook-related files.

Symptoms of Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040900:

Which can be distinguished by examining the resulting symptoms like

  • “Error 0x80040900” emerges and impacts the active program window
  • PC intermittently crashes with Error 0x80040900 when running the same program
  • “Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040900” is performed or Windows runs sluggishly and responds slowly to keyboard input or the pc annually “freezes” for a number of seconds at a time.


Troubleshoots for Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040900:

To solve Error 0x80040900, follow the steps –

  • Check the Internet Connection. Open the Internet browser and visit any website to ensure that the Internet connection is working. Assure Internet Connection & Email Account Setting of Outlook and also select the right server details during configuration of the profile in Outlook. If not and then secure about it as 90% of interruptions in sending & receiving transpires due to these settings, which performs an essential role in the transmission of emails and also make assured about the internet connection.
  • Check the Settings of Scanning Programs like Firewall & Antivirus as Outlook does not permit several file extensions which can be received along with emails including addition and as these emails can accommodate virus or malware which can corrupt the database and to prevent the inbox from such emails we use Antivirus & firewall program runs continually and cleaning all the incoming emails, but, seldom the security layer of these scanning programs becomes more anticipated and start appropriating incoming emails as further spammy and therefore, it does not allow these emails to move considerably in the inbox and suspend them.

Therefore, maintain settings of antivirus programs or firewall so they can allow emails for incoming.

error 0x80040900

  • Remove Apprehensive Email Messages from Mailbox as Outlook anyhow not be able to send, read or access an email in Outlook so delete or remove that email from Microsoft Outlook. Reconnect Outlook from the server and download the same email to enter it.
  • Enable Outlook to Access Internet by Configuring Firewall to Administer this method at own risk as it can make the system defenseless to attack by viruses.
  • Start MS Outlook in Secure Mode and safe mode is a way to open MS Outlook without any customization as this method is best fitting if third-party add-ins assisting Outlook error 0x80040900 on the screen.
  • Repair the Microsoft Outlook and don’t forget to perform repairs on the PST file if it is requesting for it as errors sometimes destroy the database structure of emails in PST file and correcting those data structures using scanpst.exe can make the PST file again convenient.
  • Cleanup Email that stuck in Outlook, Unblock the email messages that have been stuck in the MS Outlook as it can also create annoying errors.

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