[Resolved] Follow steps to fix MS Outlook error 0x80040119

What is Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040119:

Microsoft Outlook error 0x80040119 can occur during program installation, during the execution of any Microsoft related software program, during the process of Windows start-up or shut-down, or even at the time of installation of the Windows operating system.

Possible reasons for Outlook Error 0x80040119:

There can be many reasons for this Outlook error message such as-

  • Corrupted Outlook data file, Oversize of the PST files or Outlook account that is incorrectly configured. Corruption in the Windows registry from any recent Outlook related software change like installation or uninstallation may also lead to this error.
  • Different Viruses and malware infection that can lead to the corruption of Windows system files or Outlook related program files, any other program maliciously or mistakenly had deleted Outlook related files, Connection problems related to the mail server or even Incorrectly configured Outlook account may also lead to this error message.

While we try to read, send, receive, or delete an email message an error message is shown and when once it occurs, all the users face symptoms such as, All the available active program in the windows crash, the computer system crashes or freezes, Majority of the times Windows runs and responds slowly to any type of mouse or keyboard input or the Outlook mailbox data may also become inaccessible to the users.

Outlook Error 0x80040119

Troubleshoots for Outlook error 0x80040119:

When any user is getting the Outlook error 0x80040119 message, the first thing is to rectify the problem so that the user can gain immediate access to their data without losing any of it. There are many different options available to the user by which one can handle and fix this issue, such as,

  • We need to Repair registry entries that are associated with outlook error 0x80040119.
  • Firstly, we have to scan our computer system for a virus or any type of malware infections and then we should fix them. For this, we need to clean up the system junk such as temporary folders and files and after that update our PC drivers.
  • Next is we have restored our computer system to the previous state when Outlook was working properly and then reinstall the MS Outlook from our system. The last step is that we have to update the system Windows and them Repair the damaged PST with ScanPST.exe

Dealing with the registry entries is highly risky, so before attempting to fix we need to take a backup of the current state of registry. But in case we are not familiar with how the registry functions then in that cases it is always better to follow perfect guidelines.

  • Sure-shot Solution is a professional method used to fix Outlook error 0x80040119. It scans the products, corrupted PST files and repairs it to recover all contents of the mailbox such as e-mails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and journals. And the items repaired mailbox are saved in a new usable PST which can be directly imported into the MS Outlook Error 0x80040119.

We need to keep in mind that this method might result in deleting of the files created after our last system restore was set up. Thus, before initiating a system restore backup of our current system is necessary.

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