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Error : outlook error 0x80040115

Email is a very important part of everyone’s life in today’s world. It creates a fast and reliable form of communication that is free and easy to access. Though it provides with its best customer services,  sometimes it’s user encounter with some error which stops them to send or receive the email message. One of this errors is outlook error  0x80040115.  The error 0x80040115 is an outlook error. It basically stops it’s users from sending or receiving any email via outlook. Outlook application is the most widely used by people due to it’s extraordinary and innovative features. Whenever a user tries to send or receive an email an error 0x80040115  message  gets displayed on the screen as:

Thus,  landing you in a tragic situation in the middle of sending or receiving an important mail.
outlook error 0x80040115
Before you go for the fixing of the error you must first understand the reasons for the error 0*8004015. It is very normal to face issues with outlook but due to some reasons it becomes a bit complex to solve the issue on your own . Since email is the most important and preferred way of communication. Now a days  you cannot afford to miss any  email .

Mentioned below are some of the reasons for the outlook error 0x80040115 are:

  1. It occurs mainly when you improperly install the outloom application on your system.
  2. This error also occurs if there is a conflict between the internal system present on your device.
  3. Sometimes you may also install Malware on your device by clicking on the emails or web links from an unknown source. Thus resulting in outlook sending or receiving error 0x80040115.
  4. One more leading cause for the outlook error is an oversized PSD  file.
  5. Sometimes there may be a problem with the email server also, which stops you from sending or receiving an email.
  6. You may also have an issue with the internet connection  which again stops you from sending or receiving emails .
These were the causes which may also result to a sluggish system performance and may also lead to freezing or hanging of the system from time to time .
Now when you are able to understand the reasons and it’s results as well,

follow the  given below steps to resolve the outlook error 0x80040115:

  1. Firstly open your outlook,  followed by clicking the Control Panel and then opening the mail item on your system .
  2. Now click on the Show Profile option. After selecting the Show Profile, select your profile and then select the properties.
  3. After selecting the properties option click on your Email Account.
  4. In your Email Account select the Microsoft Exchange Account.
  5. Now select on change option to exchange the account.
  6. As soon as you click on change option a dialog box gets flashed on the screen which contains your mailbox server and username,  note is down.
  7. Now click on more settings option inside the dialog box, after which the Microsoft Exchange dialog box appears.
  8. Now select the Security tab option inside the dialog box.
  9. Check the Security tab,  click on the encrypt option and further encrypt the data between MS outlook and MS Exchange box.
  10. and finally click on OK option to fix the outlook error 0x80040115.
Hope the above mentioned steps are useful to you to get rid of the problem .But in case you are unable to solve  the problem, get in touch with the customer care and resolve your Outlook issues at the earliest.

If still, you are facing this issue, contact to our outlook tech team Outlook Support

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