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The error 0x8004010f is a very common with the users of Outlook 2010/2013. It means that you have a corrupted outlook profile and comes with a message flashed on the screen i.e outlook error 0x8004010f.
outlook error 0x8004010f gets flashed on your screen when you’ve exported a .pst file in order to put it into outlook 2010/2013, whether it’s from an old PC or another situation.  When outlook 2010/2013 gives you the error 0x8004010f you’re not able to send or receive email until you resolve it.  But before you resolve it, you must first understand the reasons why this error occurred on your system.
outlook error 0x8004010f
The error 0x8004010f is a common MAPI error and it occurs at the time of synchronization of an offline address book, during sending or receiving operation or it may also occur while downloading the OAB files.  Hence the reasons for the occurance of the error 0x8004010f are mentioned below :
  1. The corruption of the OST  files .
  2. The corruption of the outlook profile or incorrect configuration.
  3. The change in the location of an OST file on the machine.
  4. After upgrading, copying of the old OST file used by previous outlook version may also be a reason for this error.
Now when you are aware of all the possible reasons of the error 0x8004010f to occur, follow any of  the mentioned below  different methods step by steps to get rid of it.

Method 1. Create a new outlook

When the error occurs due to a corrupted outlook profile creating a new one will fix the error. For which you need to first find the current location of your default outlook data file and then create a new outlook profile. Here are the steps to do this :

Step 1: locating the default outlook data file

  1. Firstly open the Control  Panel and select mail option.
  2. The ‘ Mail setup -outlook ‘ dialog box open. Now click on to the Show Profile option.
  3. Now select your current outlook profile and then select the properties option.
  4. Again the ‘ Mail Steup- outlook’ dialog box will open, select on Data file option.
  5. Now the ‘Account setting ‘ dialog box opens. Just click on the Data file tab and note down the name and location of the default outlook profile provided. The default profile are going to be denoted by a tick mark.
  6. After this finally  click on close and exit option.

outlook error 0x8004010f-1


Step 2: create a new outlook profile

  1. Open the control panel on your PC.
  2. The ‘Mail setup – outlook’ dialog box opens. Select Show Profile option .
  3. And then select your current outlook profile and after this click on Add option.
  4. Enter a name for the new profile in the new profile dialog box and click on the OK option.
  5. The ‘ Add new account ‘ dialog box will appear on your screens. Then select on next option, after entering your mail information  .
  6. Click on the finish option after successful configuration completes.

Step 3:  Configuring of the new outlook profile as the default profile

  1. Open the Control Panel on your PC .
  2. The ‘  Mail setup- outlook ‘ dialog box opens. Click on the Show Profile option.
  3. Click on the option ‘ Always use this profile ‘ and select the new profile from the drop- down  under it.
  4. Finally click on the OK option.

Method 2:  Change the folder in outlook 2010/2013

This is an easy method and will allow you to send and receive an email without any problem.
  1. Open the Outlook 2010/2013
  2. Now select on Account Settings from the file tab.
  3. Click on the account you’re having an issue with and select on the change folder option at the bottom.
  4. Now finally select on the personal folder /inbox and click on the send /receive all option.
You should now be able to use the outlook 2010/2013 very easily without any problem.
In case you are still dealing with the error 0x8004010f  contact the customer care to get rid of the error easily.

If still, you are facing this issue, contact to our outlook tech team Outlook Support

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