[ERROR FIXED] Microsoft Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x80042109

ERROR: Microsoft Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x80042109: Outlook cannot connect to SMTP server

DESCRIPTION: Sending reported error (0x80042109): Outlook cannot connect with your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server.

Causes of Microsoft Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x80042109:

While working in outlook we face various problems like sending reported error 0x80042109 which is an error code happens mostly while transferring emails. The error message is frequently presented in the coming format “Sending reported error 0x80042109: Outlook cannot connect to SMTP server.”

The causes of this can be Corrupt emails and PST files, incorrect Outlook account settings, Unavailability of the mail server, Incomplete Outlook installation, Spyware or viral infection.

Troubleshoots for Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x80042109:

This problem can be resolved by following the measures given below Check Mail settings to see whether the sociable server SMTP is selected or not and if it is negative, next it could be the cause for the problem. Therefore, verify mail settings and choose the alternative then click Tools, select Account Settings and then POP 3 account and click the switch and now compare the title track and email address. subsequently, check the incoming and outgoing mail server entries and make sure that it is correct and then click on the outgoing server and make sure that the option ‘Sending Reported Error 0x80042109″ requires Authentication is selected.

Following that, click Advanced and tick the option that says ‘This server needs an encrypted connection (SSL), Forthwith click OK to authenticate settings or Reinstall Outlook on the PC as the failure may also occur due to inaccurate Outlook installation. And to do this initially will have to uninstall the software and then re-install it. Once the software is reinstalled attempt transmitting the email repeatedly. If it is shipped favorably, then this indicates that the error is associated with incomplete installation. Nevertheless, if the failure yet continues then it is expedient to replace the points by going to the System Restore option and picking the option ‘Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time’ point can be another way of fixing “Sending Reported Error 0x80042109”. This will relapse the variations. Or Try Disabling Firewall If firewall program is installed on PC, then try incapacitating it and then transfer an email through the Outlook account. Or, Scan for Viruses.

Sending Reported Error 0x80042109

Another way to determine the error code is to scan for viruses as Viral contagion and spyware can also influence the Outlook account and activities. Nonetheless, connecting antivirus on the PC may slow down its performance as such programs are disreputable for doing that. Therefore, it is desirable to download Total System Care as it is a subsequent engendering and an extremely high-level PC Fixer installed with powerful and versatile advantages including antivirus and a system optimizer. Its spontaneous algorithm facilitates it to scan the complete PC and eliminate all kinds of ill-disposed software affecting the system including malware, adware, spyware, viruses, and Trojans. The system optimizer advantage works concurrently and ensures the PC functions at its optimum speed it is reliable, bug-free and effective. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it manageable and very easy to amputate. By following the above-mentioned way your “Microsoft Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x80042109” must have been resolved.

Follow steps to fix Microsoft Outlook PST File Missing issue

ERROR: Microsoft Outlook PST File Missing

DESCRIPTION: As an Outlook user, you will have encountered with the error message – “The file xxxx.pst can’t be found.

Why Microsoft Outlook PST File Missing Issue Occurs:

Outlook.com is a web-based series of webmail, tasks, and calendaring services from Microsoft it is further one of the world’s leading web mail services.

But while working in outlook we face many problems like Outlook PST File Missing and this is frequently occurring problem as the desktop Outlook app utilizes two varieties of data files to store local copies of the emails, calendars, to enable the entrance to the information without an internet connection as typically, sooner or later, these files may stop running, and they can get corrupted, and due to which Outlook incorporates the Inbox Repair tool to diagnose and repair common errors with Outlook PST File Missing, as well as a mechanism to recreate .ost files automatically.

Troubleshoots to fix Microsoft Outlook PST File Missing Issue:

The offline one can be solved by clicking Close Outlook opening Control Panel & remember if using the default profile named “Outlook,” one can also use the path %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook to go immediately to the location of the .ost file, and then spring to the next step Differently, continue with the steps below by Clicking on User Accounts then on Mail.

Using the Mail Setup experience and then click the Show Profiles button and then Select the profile with the account to fix subsequently, Click the Properties button then Click the Email Accounts button and then Click on the Data Files tab also Select the account to be repaired and then click the Open File Location button. but before continuing, make sure to plug the “Accounts Settings,” “Mail Setup,” and “Mail” windows then by Right-clicking the .ost file for the account with problems, and then select Delete. Once completed these steps, open Outlook again to automatically create a new .ost files for that particular account.

microsoft outlook pst file missing

On the other hand to fix an Outlook Data File (.pst) follow the following steps of Closing the Outlook and then Open-File Explorer

Browse C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

also remember If using Outlook 2013, use the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15. If have any other older version of the app, change “Office15” in the path to “Office14” for Outlook 2010, or to “Office13” for Outlook 2007 and then Inside the folder, find and double-click the SCANPST.EXE file and then Click the Browse button and locate the Outlook PST File Missing want to repair and then Click the Start button lastly Click the Repair button.

Additional to this one can also try the following steps as While Microsoft’s tool can diagnose and rectify several problems with a .pst file, the recovery process may want additional steps to get all items and to receive these items back, Open the recovered Personal Folders or Lost and Found folder and Select the items to recover then Drag and drop those items into the correct folders and then Delete the now empty folders and If there are however some items missing, use the .pst backup file to recover those additional items by using the built-in Import/Export tool like Select the .bak file located in the same folder that contains the Outlook PST File Missing.

Press the F2 key and rename the file to .bak.pst and press Enter the Open Outlook the Click on File then Click on Open & Export then Click the Import/Export button then Select the Import from another program or file option then Click Next.

Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) option then Click Next then Specify the location of the .pst file subsequently Select the import option and Click Next to the Select the items want to import then Click Finish.

We hope the above-mentioned steps would help you in fixing your “Microsoft Outlook PST File Missing” if you still face any issue then get in touch with the support team for further assistance.

Learn steps to fix your Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210A

Error: Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210A

Description: Error 0x8004210a defines itself that it primarily arises once the POP server is temporal arrangement out whereas looking ahead to a response from an email server.

Why Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210A occurs:

While working in outlook we face many problems like Outlook Error 0x8004210A “The operation timed out  which is identified as  miscellaneous Outlook errors haunting general users for large time and it may be solved by following the steps listed below like Verifying if the Computer Can Access the Internet, monitoring whether the computer is correctly accessing the Internet or not by Opening the Internet Browse, then a website in address bar and press “Enter”, and if the website opens easily, the computer is correlated to the Internet. But if not, should continue to deal with the Internet problem or Remove the Suspicious Emails from the Mailbox as the broken email messages impaled in the mailbox also influence the sending and receiving method in Outlook, and can also commence to the exploitation of Outlook Error 0x8004210A file. Thus delete them right now or Increase the Account Server Timeouts Interval by going to File in the menu and clicking the Account Settings button then selecting the target account and clicking Change then More Settings in the new window and then finally in the popup dialogue, switch to “Advanced” tab, under which can improve the server timeout or not this then Disable Antivirus Scanner.

Outlook Error 0x8004210A

Troubleshoots for Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210A

Besides as antivirus software combination with Outlook can also result in this error, because every time the emails are sent or received, the software will certainly scan all the emails, which will hesitate and even eliminate the sending/receiving process. Recreate the Email Account as this error will occur to Outlook when the email account is broken.

Follow the following steps to resolve “Outlook Error 0x8004210A”:

  • Exit Outlook and go to “Control Panel”, then choose “Mail” applet and next in the popup dialogue, click “Email Account and on the other hand in the consequent window,
  • Select the target account and click “Remove” and then click “Add” and comprehend the guidance to re-add the email account.
  • Repair Outlook Program one can also endeavor to correct it via adjusting Office by going to “Control Panel” and clicking “uninstall programs”, the resulting screen, cast on Microsoft Office and then select “Change” button and then in the new window, select “repair” and click “Continue”.

On the other hand one can also Check the Outlook File’s Integrity by Scanpst.exe even after removing the damaged files the problem occurs, due to the fact that they have completely ravished the Outlook file and hence, it is necessary to check the Outlook file’s uprightness, which can be realized by Outlook inbox repair tool, Scanpst.exe as one can explore “Scanpst” in windows explorer to discover it with comfort. After finding and beginning it, click on “Browse” and select the target Outlook file then press “Start” finally or Utilize Third Party Software as practically Scanpst.exe is not satisfactory adequate to repair the precariously corrupted Outlook file and in this case one can still resort to conceivable third party software, like DataNumen Outlook Repair, which can efficiently scan and estimate out the inner errors and then ultimately, it will arrange following maximum data outwardly any trouble. We hope by following the above instructions your “Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210A” must be resolved.

Learn how to fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210B

ERROR: Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210B

DESCRIPTION: When causing mail with Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 there may be totally different reasons for receiving a slip-up message containing the outlook error 0x8004210B.

Why Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210B occurs:

Outlook.com is a web-based series of webmail, tasks, and calendaring services from Microsoft it is further one of the world’s leading webmail services.

But while working in outlook we face many problems and for those problems, there may be some pre-symptoms like “Outlook Error 0x8004210B” emerges and crashes the active program window or PC intermittently malfunctions with Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210B when running the same program or the “Task – Sending ‘ mentioned error (0x8004210B) the operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server” is displayed or Windows works sluggishly and counters slowly to mouse or keyboard input or the  computer systematically “freezes” for a few seconds at a time or 0x8004210B error messages arrives during program installation, while a Microsoft Corporation associated with software program is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system. Keep a record of when and where the Outlook Error 0x8004210B occurs is a crucial portion of information in solving the problem. The causes of the following can be corrupt download or fragmentary installation of Microsoft Outlook software or the Corruption in Windows registry from a recent Microsoft Outlook-related software modification or Virus or malware contagion that has corrupted Windows system files or Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210B-related program files or Another program maliciously or inadvisedly eliminated Microsoft Outlook-related files.

Outlook Error 0x8004210B

The following problems can be solved by Repairing Registry Entries Associated with Error 0x8004210B by Manually editing the Windows registry to eliminate unreasonable Error 0x8004210B keys is not suggested unless the PC assistance is acknowledged as inaccurately directing the registry can stop the PC from operating and form unchangeable damage to the operating system and because of this risk, this is highly prescribed using a trusted registry cleaner so as WinThruster to examine and repair any Error 0x8004210B-related registry problems. Using a registry cleaner automates the process of finding invalid registry entries. A reinforcement is automatically performed before each scan, with the capacity to reverse any changes in a single click, guarding against the possibility of PC damage. The choicest part is that correcting registry errors can also dramatically upgrade system speed and performance. Or Conducting a Full Malware Scan of the PC as there is a chance that 0x8004210B error could be associated with a malware infection on the PC. These malicious intruders can damage, corrupt, or delete. Or Clean Out the System Junk  With Disk Cleanup which means if the junk isn’t infrequently wiped out, it can cause Microsoft Outlook to counter casually or provides an Outlook Error 0x8004210B, probably due to file disputes or an overloaded hard drive. Or, Update the PC Device Drivers which is 0x8004210B faults can be correlated to corrupt or outdated device drivers as drivers can work one day, and suddenly stop working the next day, for a diversity of sanities.

Troubleshoots for Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004210B:

Finding the exact driver for a hardware device is remarkably difficult and even immediately on the Microsoft Corporation or affiliated manufacturer’s website. Even if encountered at finding, downloading, and manually updating drivers. Because of the time and complexity involved in updating drivers use DriverDoc updates all of the PC device drivers as its established One-Click Update™ technology not only ensures the correct driver variants for the hardware also produces a backup of the current operators before making any changes as Maintaining a driver backup presents the assurance of knowing that one can rollback any driver to a preceding paraphrase if necessary. Or Utilize Windows System Restore to “Undo” Recent System Changes as it allows to “go back in time” with the PC to help to fix the Outlook Error 0x8004210B problems. It can return the PC’s system files and programs back to a time when everything was working fine. Or Uninstall and Reinstall the Microsoft Outlook Program Associated with Error 0x8004210B as in this reinstalling Microsoft Outlook-related software could be the solution. Or Run the Windows System File Checker enables to scan for and reestablish corruptions in Windows system files Or Install All Available Windows Updates as it is as manageable as updating Windows with the advanced Service Pack or another patch that Microsoft publishes on a continuous basis. Or Perform a Clean Installation of Windows according to start again with a fresh system.

[ERROR FIXED] Outlook 2013 Stuck on Loading Profile

ERROR: Microsoft “Outlook 2013 stuck on loading profile”

DESCRIPTION: One such drawback you face in Outlook 2013 or 2010, is “Outlook taking an excessive amount of time to load and hangs on loading profile“.

Why Microsoft Outlook 2013 stuck on loading profile:

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client application that is used by many across the globe by Home as well as Professional users. Owing to its pioneering features, ease in use, an advanced set of options, intuitive interface, and user-friendly functionality it has reached this peak. Although its immense success, it sometimes hangs or freezes. This is because the data files are accessed by other applications for efficient functionality. Thus Outlook often fails to read and write to data files and hangs.

Cause of Outlook 2013 Stuck at Loading Profile:

There can be many causes for this “Outlook 2013 stuck on loading profile” problem to occur. Here are few of them,

  • Corruption of Data Files.
  • Damaged Outlook files.
  • Faulty Outlook Settings.
  • Third-party Program Conflict.
  • Incomplete Outlook session resuming in the background.
  • Reading of Data Files by Windows search engine.

Following are some hacks to this “Outlook 2013 stuck on loading profile” situation:

  • Check the Applications that are demanding synchronisation and stop the process.
  • Disable the Anti-virus to resolve the concern.
  • Stop Indexing Service.
  • Under Windows Task Manager abort the running Outlook.exe process.

Outlook 2013 stuck on loading profile

Troubleshoots for Outlook 2013 stuck at loading profile:

If you happen to come across this issue, there are ways to tackle this. These methods are based on different defects in different aspects. Mentioned below are some troubleshooting Steps to Fix “Outlook 2013 Stuck on Loading Profile” Screen:

  • Restart the system with the chkdsk c: /f command
  • Disable or Uninstall VPN Software
  • Try to Renaming the PST File
  • Attempt to Open Outlook in Safe Mode
  • Close Lync
  • Remove Outlook Profiles from Registry
  • Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration
  • Run Commands outlook.exe /resetnavpane or outlook.exe /resetfolders

These are pretty effective ways to counter “Outlook 2013 stuck on loading profile” problem. But if they don’t in your case, you can always have a third party repair tool for your rescue. They are software-oriented solutions. They are free from manual intervention, do not cause data loss, does not require any expertise and more powerful.

There is ample software available to fulfill the cause. But you cannot trust any of them at random as they can sow seeds for further problems. Hence, based on the analysis of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, here is an expert recommendation—Stellar Repair for Outlook. This software lets you repair damaged or corrupt PST file very easily. Due to its powerful algorithm, you can repair Encrypted or protected files. It supports the latest Outlook versions and major operating systems. It is very intuitive and has very simple GUI.

Applications on a PC are prone to causing such hangs and freezes. This error is very common in Outlook too just like any other application. The solution to fix issues like Outlook 2013 Stuck on Loading Profile screen is to identify the cause and the use of the application with the right approach. Mostly the errors are resolvable and can be kept in control with the right approach. There are manual methods but they are mostly slow and monotonous and also demand technical expertise. Use of software can be a great alternative for solving this problem and Stellar Repair for Outlook is the best of the lot that comes with all the noteworthy features.

We hope by following above mentioned instructions your “Outlook 2013 Stuck on Loading Profile” error must have resolved. If your have any issue the get connected with support team. *

“Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017” error fixed

ERROR: Microsoft “Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017”

DESCRIPTION: The not enforced outlook 2007 error is most typically seen once users attempt to perform a Send/Receive operation, or attempt to initiate a Reply / Reply All / Forward operation on their Windows 10/8/7 computers.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a very popular application used by many but is also surrounded with a lot of issues. Though these issues are mostly solvable, some errors can get a lot harder to deal with. This category includes the “Outlook not implemented error 2007, 2017″.

Why Microsoft Outlook Error Occurs:

It is not something an Outlook user would normally see while working on Outlook. Anyone can easily be baffled by an error message saying, “Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007″. The error is commonly experienced when a user tries to perform ordinary actions like Sending/Receiving operations or Replying/Forwarding operations.

Cause of Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007, 2017:

Let’s see what can be the possible causes of this error. Primary causes for “Not Implemented” error are,

  • Faulty Outlook Add-ins
  • Faulty Send or Receive Settings/Damaged SRS file
  • Improper Integration of Outlook with Anti-virus program
  • Damaged Outlook Profile
  • Damaged Outlook Installation
  • Corrupt Outlook PST file
  • Common fixes

"Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017"

Troubleshoots for Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007:

If you are one of the users not understanding what to do, there are some tips and suggestions given below just for you.

Following are some solutions you can try out to resolve this issue and run your Outlook normally.

  1. Launching Outlook in Safe Mode & disabling Add-ins

Outlook add-ins are installed to increase Outlook’s functionality. Though they are installed to improve the performance of the Outlook, they are mostly the factors causing problems. Corrupt add-ins can limit the working of Outlook.

Here is what you have to do to fix your add-ins,

  1. Disable any add-ins you have already installed in your MS Outlook.
  2. Start Outlook in safe mode by typing the command outlook /safe in the Windows ‘Run’ dialog and hit Enter.
  3. Go to “Options” >>> “Add-ins” >>> “Go”. Uncheck all add-in names from the dialog box listing all installed add-ins.
  4. Now try to send/receive, or reply/forward to check if it works. If it does, you’ve just found the problem with your Outlook.

Enable one add-in at a time and recheck if everything is working normally. When you find the faulty add-in that is creating errors, delete it and your problem of “Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007” is solved.

  1. Correcting Send / Receive Settings by recreating SRS file

The SRS files contain user’s preferences and personal Send/receive settings saved by Microsoft Outlook. A corrupt or damaged SRS file is one of the clearest reasons for the “Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007” error. This can be fixed by resetting and recreating the SRS file settings by following steps:

  1. Navigate to the folder. C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook Not Implemented
  2. Rename the files Outlook.srs.
  3. Restart Outlook. It will automatically recreate the SRS file.
  4. Check if the functions work
  5. Disabling any Anti-virus Program

Some anti-virus programs are configured in such a way that all the emails sent or received are scanned for any defect. This process is beneficial, but it also results in delays, hanging or interruption of send/receive process. Disabling the antivirus scanning setting can be an effective way to resolve this error.

  1. Recreating Outlook Profile

A messy Outlook profile can also one of the major cause “Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007”.

This is how you can create a new profile and solve this error,

  1. Open Control Panel and go to “Mail”.
  2. Click “Show Profiles”.
  3. On the next screen click the “Add” and create a new profile.
  4. Set up your account manually or automatically.
  5. Repair MS Office Installation

It is a very rare scenario that MS Office installation triggers “Not Implemented” error. In this case, you might have to reinstall MS Office. But you can also repair it with  given steps,

  1. Through Control Panel go to “Uninstall Programs”.
  2. Select Microsoft Office and click on “Change”.
  3. In the next window, choose “Repair” and click “Continue”.

If you use MS Outlook 2016, you might have to carry out an online repair.

  1. Repair corrupted Outlook PST

In case nothing mentioned above works, that means the problem is with something else. The only thing that can possibly cause this error is a corrupt or damaged PST file. A corrupt PST file can cause many problems and “Not Implemented” error is no different.  Repairing a corrupt Outlook PST file can be done using 2 ways, namely Outlook’s inbuilt inbox repair tool (ScanPST.exe) or Stellar Repair for Outlook.

  • Use ScanPST.exe

ScanPST.exe is a utility tool that can find and fix minor corruptions within Outlook PST file. This tool is in the Office installation folder.  It is an effective way to solve any PST related errors when everything has been tried. Simply launch it and follow the instructions to fix PST files. Though very effective on minor errors in PST files, it fails to fix severely damaged files.

  • Use of Stellar Repair for Outlook

If severely damaged  PST files cannot be fixed with ScanPST.exe, there are many software online that claim to fix the issue. For saving your time and providing you with a 100% solution on “Not Implemented” error, you can rely on Stellar Repair for Outlook. Stellar repair is packed with all the advanced features required to solve the issue. It has powerful scanning and repairing algorithms required for fixing corrupt PST files.

We hope by following above-mentioned steps your issue with Microsoft “Outlook Not Implemented Error 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017” must be resolved.

Learn steps to fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800ccc13

ERROR: Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CCC13

DESCRIPTION: Sending reported error (0x800CCC13): Cannot hook up with the network. Verify your network association or electronic equipment.

SUPPORT NUMBER: +1-800-864-4162

outlook error 0x800ccc13

Why we face Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800ccc13:

Soon after the launch of Windows 10, several tech fans instantly upgraded to it. Most of them were happy with the changes in the upgrade while some others were facing errors with the applications that were pre-installed on their system. One major error was the failure to send/receive emails. Outlook forums were flooded with queries from users seeking the solution to “Outlook Error 0x800CCC13”.

Defective system upgrades can corrupt Outlook data file, especially PST files. PST files that are damaged or corrupt can cause problems in the normal functioning of Outlook application. Error messages on Outlook can be results of PST file damage. Other common triggers for PST file corruption are,

  • Virus Attacks
  • Outlook Add-ins
  • Hardware problems
  • Bad sectors on the hard disk

Troubleshoots for Outlook Error 0x800ccc13:

Only options available for normal running of Outlook are either deleting the existing Outlook profile and creating a new one or the repair the corrupt/damaged PST.

Here are some manual and automated methods you can try to fix a damaged PST file,

  • Run Outlook in safe mode for checking the add-ins
  • Turning off the Windows Firewall
  • Check and verify if your Outlook profile permissions have been reset and correct them to give full control to your profile
  • Create a new shortcut to Outlook on your desktop to create an elevated shortcut to always Run as Administrator.
  • Start your computer in “Clean Boot State” and see if you can send/receive Outlook emails.
  • Open a command prompt window as an administrator and execute the command SFC /scan now
  • Use the Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) to detect errors in Outlook PST and try to fix them

An alternate method for Outlook Error 0x800ccc13:

If none of the above methods yield the required result, you will have to look for a third party repairing software. There is much software online that can be created for such a scenario. A software works way better than manual intervention. You need a software that has all the necessary advanced features, that is reliable and efficient in resolving your problem. In such conditions, Stellar Repair for Outlook Error 0x800ccc13 would work wonders for you.

This software scans the corrupt and damaged PST files and repairs them to recover all mailbox contents. Repaired email items are saved in new PST which can be directly imported into Outlook. With numerous additional features, the Stellar Repair for Outlook can become an ultimate solution to this issue.

The software has a user-friendly interface and is very simple to use.

Follow the given steps to easily repair your PST file,

  1. Select PST file from Browse or Find Option
  2. Scan and preview recoverable data
  3. Save the repaired PST in the file format of your wish

After saving the PST file, import it to Outlook to access its data.

Errors in operating systems occur when upgrades are installed. It is generally difficult to find a solid solution to these errors. Once these errors occur the users are left with only one option, to delete the install and go back to the previous version, which is very inconvenient, isn’t it? However, there are solutions available that are worth giving a try mentioned above. If they don’t work, there is always an alternate solution in the form of Stellar Repair for Outlook ready to fix the issue. We hope the by following the above methods your Outlook Error 0x800ccc13 must have been resolved by now.

[FIXED] Learn how to fix Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open Issue

Error: Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open

Description: Your Outlook will not open anymore? See however you’ll be able to fix ‘Cannot begin Microsoft Outlook’ error. The solutions work for all versions of Outlook

Company: Microsoft

Support Number: +1-800-864-4162

microsoft outlook won't open

Are you too facing an error of Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open:

Microsoft Outlook is making a strong foothold in Email Client Service among the mainstream email options of Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. It has achieved its spot in the mainstream owing to its impressive feature suites, intuitive, and brand new GUI, and its seamless connectivity with other email platforms. Though it is not full proof. It sometimes fails in certain circumstances and shows errors. A similar error occurs when a user tries to update the windows or downloads the latest version of Outlook. When a user tries to open Microsoft Outlook, a messages pop up on the screen saying “Microsoft outlook won’t open or Microsoft outlook cannot open”. The reason behind this Microsoft outlook won’t open error is a corruption of storage files or damaged profile setting.

Why Microsoft Outlook Cannot Open:

On a bit of research, reasons for this Microsoft outlook won’t open are figured out. They are as given below,

  • The profile might belong to an older Outlook Version
  • Outlook PST File might be deleted or damaged
  • Incorrect configuration of the application
  • Incorrect installation of the application
  • Virus attack or malware
  • Internal registry conflict

So these were the reasons that may cause the error message “Microsoft outlook won’t open”. But how can a user identifier that his Outlook profile has been affected by this? For taking preventive measures before severe damage, here are a couple of symptoms that a user should look for,

  • Slow or sluggish System Performance
  • Frequent System Freezing

Troubleshoots to resolve Microsoft Outlook Cannot Open:

Given above were the reasons/causes and symptoms of the error. There are some methods one can try to solve the error message of Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open without external software. These are as follows

  • Update Outlook as well as other software
  • Practice Safe Mode Opening
  • Fix Damaged Data Files
  • Restore Navigation Pane Configuration File
  • Delete Navigation Pane Settings File
  • Create a New Outlook Profile
  • Use Inbox Repair Tool
  • Clean up Junk Files

If after trying every above-mentioned method, you face the same issue, you should look for a third party recovery solution. There are ample different software online that is designed for repairing such a problem. Using a software creates more chances of actually resolving a problem compared to manual intervention. But choosing a correct software is also equally important. What would be the correct software? A correct software refers that it should have all the necessary advanced features, it should be reliable and efficient in fulfilling your requirements. In this case, Stellar Repair for Outlook would be a perfect choice.

Stellar Data Recovery has the expertise of over 23 years in this field. They are known to provide effective solutions for PST files repair in all scenarios. Using this software you can easily repair your corrupt or damaged Outlook PST files along with its content such as journals, tasks, rules, contacts, emails, attachments, etc. This software efficiently scans the damaged PST files, extracts data from it, repairs it and saves it into a new PST file.

Using Repair is automated, user-friendly, secure, effortless, and result-oriented.

Following the given steps on Repair for Outlook, you can easily fix “Error: Microsoft Outlook Won’t Open”

  • Step 1: Launch the software to start the recovery process.
  • Step 2: The, “Select PST File for Repair dialog box” will pop up where you have to specify the location of your PST File.
  • Step 3: After selecting the required PST file, click on “Repair” to begin the scanning process.
  • Step 4: After scanning is done, a new window highlighting the list of all recoverable files and folders will pop up. Click on any of those files and folders and preview its content before repairing.
  • Step 5: After selecting, click on “Save Repaired File” option to save your repaired file.
  • Step 6: Then the screen will ask for the desired file format. Specify the file format.
  • Step 7: Specify the location to save the recovered file.
  • Step 8: Click on “Ok”.

Following the given steps, Stellar Repair for Outlook would surely solve this error.

Repair for Outlook is the most recommended solution that is simple to use, authentic powerful and secure. Its high success rate and short span of recovery process make it the best in the set. We hope by following the instructions mentioned you would be able to solve your Microsoft outlook cannot open problem.


Learn steps to fix Outlook Fatal Error 80040900

ERROR: Microsoft Outlook Fatal Error 80040900

DESCRIPTION: You may face Outlook Fatal Error 80040900 while using ScanPST.exe. Learn the steps to fix this issue.

Why Microsoft Outlook Fatal Error occurs?

Recently Microsoft Outlook users have been dealing with Outlook Fatal Error 80040900 damaged PST files. This issue takes a big bite from the users who use Outlook on a regular basis and have valuable data such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, journals, etc. in these PST files. When an Outlook user faces such an Outlook Fatal Error 80040900 problem, he/she would rush to the inbox repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe, online provided by Microsoft. Gradually, as the user downloads the tool and runs it on the damaged PST file to repair it. However, all the software do is prompt “Fatal Error 80040900”.

Causes of Outlook Fatal Error 80040900:

Every attempt by the user yields the same results with the same error message on a loop. The reason behind the failure of the Inbox Repair tool that is designed to repair the PST files is actually the limitations of the tool.

Limitations of the Inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) are given below,

  • Fails to repair damaged PST file of large size(close to or more than 2 Gigabytes)
  • Unable in repairing PST file successfully if the degree of damage is too high
  • Unable to fix the directory structure and headers of the PST file
  • Unable in fixing the PST file which is severely affected by virus or malware
  • It repeatedly terminates in between the repair process in several situations

Outlook Fatal Error 80040900

Troubleshoots for Outlook Fatal Error 80040900:

When Inbox Repair Tool keeps on showing the fatal error 80040900 instead of repairing the PST file, it is better to look for the potential and suitable solution. One such solution can be the use of another software that can easily deal with the issue. One such prominent software having good reviews and ratings online is Stellar Repair for Outlook Fatal Error 80040900 (Technician version). This software doesn’t just repairs damaged PST but also repairs any related errors with larger PST files.

The reason behind recommending this particular software is that it surpasses scanpst.exe limitation of not repairing files larger than 2GB and so on. It also provides a set of various features and benefits.

Here are some features of Repair for Outlook Fatal Error 80040900,

  • It has provision for splitting.
  • It compacts PST files at the time of saving the repaired file.
  • It performs error-free, risk-free and easy recovery of mailbox data.
  • It allows users to compress the repaired PST before saving.
  • Provides option to split the PST file based on email ID, size, and date.
  • It helps in exporting all the mailbox data into Microsoft Office 365 environment.
  • It allows to save email with EML, MSG, PDF, RTF, HTML, DBX, and MBOX extension.
  • It works efficiently with the latest MS Outlook 2016 as well as older versions.

With a simple and user-friendly GUI matching the interface of MS Office 2016, Stellar Repair for Outlook-Technician repairs large sized PST files very effectively. So if you face a severely corrupt PST file and you are not able to fix it with the Inbox Repair tool, the suggestion is to use the Stellar software. This way,  you can fix the fatal error 80040900 in the Microsoft Outlook. The best part about this software is it is very easy to use and one does not need to have technical expertise. With few clicks and simple steps, one can easily repair large PST file and prevent further damage or corruption using the compact and split feature.

Learn how to fix Microsoft Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL

ERROR: Microsoft Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL

DESCRIPTION: Microsoft Outlook crashes due to Corrupt PST File.

Why Microsoft Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL?

Many people using Microsoft Outlook must have encountered an error of Outlook crashes with KERNELBASE.DLL due to Corrupt PST File during carrying out their regular work with a message showing: ‘Outlook Error: 0X800401d, an unknown Outlook error: 0X800401d’. This error normally occurs the user tries to upgrade the Outlook to a higher version. Mostly users archive their email data in Outlook accounts that they think can store up to 1.5 to 2 GB of data but it actually in practice can spread up to 5 GB. During upgrading Outlook, the actual size of the PST files is displayed along with the size of current and archived data. This size of PST file creates the error code 0X800401d in Outlook which eventually cause Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL.

Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL

Troubleshoots for Outlook Crashing:

This problem of Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL might worry but it has a solution. There are two methods of correcting this problem – manual method and second finding reliable software and let it correct things for you. Since the size of PST file creates this error, there are very fewer chances that the error resolves with the manual process. You may like to try the Inbox Repair tool. It would be a very good option. But since compacting PST option is not available with Outlook Inbox Repair tool (scanpst.exe), the only option left, is to compact your PST File with your Outlook.

How to Compact Outlook PST file?

  1. Go to Menu and click on File/Data File Management
  2. Select the PST file to compact
  3. Go to Settings and click on the option Compact Now

Your PST file will be compacted after performing the above steps.

In some cases, the PST file may get corrupt beyond the limitation of the Inbox Repair tool which will give you relief from Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL. If so, you can deploy a reliable PST Repair software. Repair for Outlook Technician version would be a great alternative. The cases of highly corrupt files can easily be solved using this software. Working of the software follows the given steps,

  1. It repairs the corrupt PST file.
  2. A preview of scanned and fixed items is available for verification
  3. It splits or bifurcates the oversized PST file and also by Date, Mail ID, Mail folder
  4. It then compacts the repaired PST file which can be stored as attachments at user specified location.
  5. Finally, it saves the fixed file in multiple formats and also exports the repaired PST directly to Office 365

Repair for Outlook Technician version repairs and splits the PST to import it in the Microsoft Outlook. You can also split the PST file as per your convenience. It then alternately compacts the repaired PST to avoid further chances of PST file corruption.

Archiving your PST files is always a better move for improving the PST performance. However, during the process, the user is not able to access the actual file size. Backup is the most essential thing for any user to prevent the corruption of a PST file. There is always a possibility of file recovery in case the original data becomes inaccessible, in such cases backups become very important. Anyhow, if the Outlook Crashes With KERNELBASE.DLL becomes inaccessible due to ‘an unknown Outlook error: 0X800401d’, remember to use Repair for Outlook Software Technician version to resolve the errors.